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Clejo's Enterprises Ltd

Local manufacturer and distributor of the Amanda's brand of products in Barbados.

Clejo’s Enterprises Ltd is the brainchild of Clement Headley. Clement’s idea of opening his own company became a shared venture with his wife Joycelyn, hence the merger of their names as the registered company title-

Clejo’s Enterprises Ltd. 

At the time of establishment in 1991, they already had their daughter Amanda and decided to use her name as the brand name for the products.

Products include: Packaged Dry Spices, Seasonings, Pepper Sauce, Syrups, Sauces, Jams, Vinegar and Essence

Management Staff:

Clement Headley - Managing Director

Joycelyn Headley - Accounting Director

Amanda Forde - Production Manager

We currently sell our products in Barbados only but we look forward to expanding our customer base

in the near future

© 2017 Clejo's Enterprises Ltd

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